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MOSA (Milan Outdoor Social District)* allows individuals to purchase alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, mixed spirit drinks, spirits, or mixed drinks) from licensed premises and then consume those beverages within the boundaries of the Social District (see map below) during defined hours of operation. 

MOSA is designed to encourage movement in our downtown, allowing people to sit in the commons areas or walk through the district with alcoholic beverages in branded cups. Beverages must be purchased from licensed premises within the MOSA district. At present, The Owl, the American Legion, Pepper's Mexican Grill, and Fender's are the only licensed establishments. 

Signs are posted at MOSA district boundaries to clearly mark where the district ends. MOSA beverages are not permitted beyond those points. Some retail merchants may allow visitors to bring their Social District cups into their store, others may not.  Please be respectful of the wishes of each individual establishment.

Please note that per State law, you may not take a MOSA beverage from one MOSA establishment into another MOSA establishment

Enjoy MOSA and Please help to keep our downtown clean by disposing of MOSA cups in trash or recycle bin within the district before exiting.


VIEW Milan Outdoor Social Area (MOSA) Maintenance and Operations Plan

*House Bill 5781, signed into law on July 1, 2020 allows a governing body of a local governmental unit to designate a Social District within its jurisdiction. This summer, Milan City Council approved the implementation of a Social District in downtown Milan.

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LIFE IS SWEET (42 E. Main)




  • SUNDAY: Closed

  • MON - THU:  2 - 8 PM

  • FRI:  Noon - 8 PM

  • SAT: 8 AM - 8 PM

Extended Hours 

Memorial Day - Labor Day

  • SUNDAY: Closed

  • MON - THU:  2 - 10 PM

  • FRI:  Noon - 10 PM

  • SAT: 8 AM - 10 PM

Special Event Hours

Saturday, December 4

  • 8 AM - 9 PM

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